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Army Surplus doesn't, necessarily, mean battered old Army Boots or itchy Army Jumpers. Army Surplus is a term that describes anything that the Army, or indeed the RAF or Navy have excess of.

When we first started selling Army Surplus, 22 years ago, we purchased stock direct from MOD auctions. As the years have gone by methods of buying Army Surplus have changed.

Stock is now purchased for wholesale contacts that we have and often include brand new items. Despite our countries efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan we often see un issed Desert Boots and Assault vest flooding the market.

Army Surplus on YouTube

We decided that having videos in our Army Surplus product listings will give our customers a better idea of what they are buying.

It also gives us the oppertunity to show novel ways of using Army Surplus items and to show off in front of a camera.

Any listing that includes a YouTube video will have the graphic you see on the right handside of the listing. There maybe times that we link to a video made by a third party.